Moral values for a human being

August 4, 2017

Islam is the religion which provides guidance on a whole human life. It discusses every matter of it and guide humans towards the right path. The prior purpose of sending messenger (PBUH) was to do character building of the nation. The whole system of human life was corrupt before the arrival of Prophet (PBUH). Inhumane acts were no longer considered as the bad deed. Everyone was busy in fulfilling his own needs. Bust Prophet (PBUH) took the responsibility and changed the world. Women were respected, leader was told to be fair, and no more judgments were passed on the base of cast or color. Everyone was given his/her equal rights which they deserve.  

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The basic human values which we have forgotten were taught by the Prophet (PBUH). Truthfulness, honesty, generosity, and respect are ultimate traits of a human being. Despite of being aware of all these values, we insult ourselves on daily basis, when you cheat someone you give them a chance to cheat you back, your rude behavior leads to the destruction of someone’s character, and when you lie you steal the right of truth. And these are the basic values to be called human, we have an intellectual trait, and then we are responsible for destroying the peace of the world. In our personal fights we have ignored every other issue which is debatable and needs its acceptance. We are no more noticing our surroundings until unless it on news.

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